EXP 002 // Bacteria

15.09.2017 @ Art(Animation, Blender, Cycles, Experiment, Motion Graphics)

Time for another animation experiment in Blender. This time inspired by the ending sequence of the first episodes of Ergo Proxy (though I ended up doing something totally different!).

Not a lot of material or modelling work here, but it’s got a lot in the way of procedural animation. I’ve used hooks, armatures, f-curve modifiers, mesh modifiers and a whole lot of compositing tricks to make this. Combining the noise modifier along with stepped and limits to create a random on/off (actually 0-1) animation has to be one of the most interesting things I learned from these projects.

As usual, you can get the blend file below. Note that the blend file is dividied in two scenes. The first one is the actual render, while the second one is purely compositor work that takes in a sequence of frames rendered from the previous scene. It also doesn’t include any bakes or sequence renders.

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