Render+ 1.0 released

The time has come! Render+ 1.0 is out (yes, again!).

I don’t know how many people were using it back then, but the first release of R+ was 1.0. Around the third release I realized it was still missing way to much to be considered a 3.0, so I took it back to 0.4.

I wasn’t planning on hitting 1.0 until later, but the 0.x releases were getting old. With a very decent feature set, and a stable code base, it was time to move to major releases (1.0, 2.0, etc). So the future version of R+ will be 1.5 or 2.0 depending on how many targets it ends up covering.

Another reason to skip 0.9 is that I dropped half the targets. Advanced video rendering turned out to be a nightmare, and the Blender devs are already working on improving this area.

The other target was V-Ray support. Unfortunately it looks like it would involve quite a lot of work (almost an entire codepath just for vray). The biggest issue is that the Blender addon for V-ray is not marked stable yet so the code could still change a lot, making it a kind of moving target to support.

The full changelog is rather lengthy. You can check it here

Quick Summary

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