Render+ 1.0

30.10.2013 @ News(Addon, Blender, BlenderMarket, Python, Render+)

Render+ is an addon that allows you to start background renders from within Blender and much more


Adds buttons to quickly start rendering the current blend file in the background. These render jobs run separate from the Blender window, so you can close your file and do something else while it renders.

Monitoring Background renders

A render.log file is generated in the same folder where your render is saved. You can open this file in a text editor like Sublime Text, or use the tail command in a terminal, like so:

tail -f /home/[user]/MyRender/render.log


  • You need to save your file before you start a BG render
  • Supports only Linux at the moment (Mac, BSD and Windows coming soon!)
  • H264 isn’t available in the command line (for BG renders)

Hope you can find it useful!

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