Art Feb 3, 2014

Here’s my latest Blender project. Inpsired by the Cyberpunk scene, mostly the Blame! manga series.

Animate uniform Scaling with Drivers

Tutorials Jan 29, 2014

Sometimes we want to animate a transformation uniformly in Blender but we find it’s divided into different channels. In today’s tip we’ll create a driver to animate multiple channels from one.

First animate the scale of your object as usual, or just add a couple of keyframes to get some animation data. Decide which channel you want to animate. It can be any of them, I usually choose X. Now go into the dopesheet editor and delete the other two channels (Y and Z in this case). Now we can add drivers to them. Open the properties bar and ctrl+click on the Y scale to type a value. Type # followed by this:['My Object'].scale.x

Replace “My Object” with the name of your object but don’t remove the quotes though. You can check it’s name by selecting it and looking at the bottom of the 3D view or in which one gets selected in the outliner. Do the same for the Z value. The hash (#) is the shorthand for quickly adding drivers in Blender, you could also right-click and select “add single driver”. Once a driver is added you don’t need to type the hash anymore.

Now you can drive the scale values (and F-Curve) for Y and Z using X. You can also do more advanced things like using formulas and math functions. For instance if you wanted your object’s height to be half it’s width, your Z scale driver would be:['My Object'].scale.x / 2

The sky is the limit with drivers, not only for creative or experimental uses but also to workaround issues like this. So Learn some Python and have fun.

Manual Chromatic Aberration

Tutorials Jan 20, 2014

Lens distort is fine but sometimes you want more control, specially in animations

  1. Add a Separate RGB node and plug your image into it.
  2. Add a Combine RGB and connect every channel in it’s respective socket.
  3. Now you’re free to add nodes in between the two. Use a translate node to move the channels and simulate axial chromatic aberration, or get creative with the Rotation, Scale and Image Distort nodes.

You can animate them like anything else in Blender, move your cursor over the X and Y properties and press the “i” key.

Simple Turn arounds in Blender

Tutorials Jan 14, 2014

In today’s quick tip you’ll learn how to make a camera move around your object. This can be used to create cool sweeps and more visual interest to a shot.

  1. Create an empty and give it a descriptive name like “Camera Control”. Position it over your object, remember our camera will point to this empty.

  2. Select your camera, go to the properties panel and add a “Track To” constrain. In the constrain settings select the empty as your target, make sure “Up” is Y and “To” is -Z. By adding this constrain we make sure the camera will always face our empty.

  1. Select the camera and then the empty, then go to Object > Parent > Object (or press Ctrl+P) to parent the camera to the empty. Now you can rotate the empty and the camera will follow it’s rotation!

You can also scale the empty to move the camera closer, or move it to change the point of interest.

Tiki Island

Art Jan 2, 2014

A new scene made in Blender, with lots of post-work in Photoshop to get the rain, splashes and motion blur.

Kawaii Animation

Art Dec 8, 2013

Time for another (very) short youtube-inspired test. This time I’m trying to emulate Kyary’s style from the Ponpon video.

File available at Blendswap

Chiptune Visualizations

Art Dec 2, 2013

An experiment with Cycles, trying to get that old CGI look.

File available at Blendswap

More sculpting practice

Art Nov 27, 2013

Working on my sculpting skills. I’ve started to be a little more conscious about polycount now, since the dragon head below hit 1.7 million faces. I managed to keep the other two at about 200,000. Using the move brush a lot and keeping the detail level above 15 most of the time did the trick for me.

Render+ 2.0

News Nov 19, 2013

Lots of improvements on Render+

Hey, it’s that time of the month (or week): a new version of Render+ is out. What’s new you ask? This much:

  • Warns the users about H264 not being available for BG renders
  • Warns the user if he has not saved the file yet
  • Autosaves before starting BG renders
  • Fixes bug with extensions
  • Adds an option to open a BG renders inside a terminal
  • Adds the ability to run Python scripts post-render
  • Adds the ability to run scripts or commands pre-render
  • Uses Blender’s infobar for messages now
  • Minor rewrite and cleanup, now it looks more like a Blender addon :)

Get Render+ on the Blender Market!

Cyborg Sculpt

Art Nov 18, 2013

I’ve started to play with sculpting in Blender, it’s a lot of fun and really addictive. I don’t have the specs to go for multi-million polys (yet), but looks like you can get good results with a 500,000-700,000 polys too. Here’s my first attempt.