Left Click in Blender: Redux

06.03.2018 @ Tutorials(Blender)

Many, many moons ago I shared a keymap I was using to have left click (LMB) to select and perform most actions in Blender. No, I haven’t changed my mind 🙂

I kept using it, making several changes and trying different things over the years. After all this time I’ve finally got a keymap that doesn’t change too much, but definitely improves workflow. Here are the changes included in the keymap:

  • Select and move with LMB
  • Set 3D cursor with alt+LMB
  • Scrub timelines (AKA move the animation cursor) with ctrl+LMB
  • Set selection mode to vertices with 1, edges with 2 and faces with 3 (in edit mode of course).
  • Zoom to selected with alt+MMB
  • Set sculpt brush to scrape with X

I use this along with Paweł Łyczkowski’s rRMB addon. The rRMB addon takes over the RMB button (surprise!) to show a context menu much like the ones we’re used to see in other applications.


Go to File > Preferences and select the “Input” tab. First of all, set “Select With” to Left.  The click on the “Import Key Configuration” button and navigate to where you downloaded the keymap file.

Finally, you can tweak the keys to use the RMB for other things, or use Paweł’s rRMB addon.

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