Simple Turn arounds in Blender

14.01.2014 @ Tutorials(Animation, Blender, Tip)

In today’s quick tip you’ll learn how to make a camera move around your object. This can be used to create cool sweeps and more visual interest to a shot.

  1. Create an empty and give it a descriptive name like “Camera Control”. Position it over your object, remember our camera will point to this empty.

  2. Select your camera, go to the properties panel and add a “Track To” constrain. In the constrain settings select the empty as your target, make sure “Up” is Y and “To” is -Z. By adding this constrain we make sure the camera will always face our empty.

  3. Select the camera and then the empty, then go to Object > Parent > Object (or press Ctrl+P) to parent the camera to the empty. Now you can rotate the empty and the camera will follow it’s rotation!

You can also scale the empty to move the camera closer, or move it to change the point of interest.

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