Switching cameras like a pro

26.02.2014 @ Tutorials(Animation, Blender, Tip)

Changing cameras is a very common task in animation, and it’s actually pretty easy to do in Blender (though a little hidden) . Let’s see two methods to accomplish this.

Method 1: Binding cameras to markers

Go into your timeline and Make a new marker (press M, or use Marker > Add Marker).
Select your camera and press CTRL+B (in the timeline) to bind it to the marker.
All cameras need to be bound to some marker with this method. If you want to have a different camera at the beggining make a marker at the beggining of the timeline and bind it.

Method 2: Using the Video Sequence Editor

Switch to the video editing layout (or just make space for a VSE somewhere). Add your a strip for your scene (Add > Scene). Move the cursor to the exact position where you want to change cameras and press K to cut the strip. Now you can select each strip and change it’s camera in the properties panel under “Camera Override”.

The benefit to this method is that you can crossfade and use effects between cameras.

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