Support Gooseberry!

I think at this point most people have already heard about Gooseberry, the new Open Movie project by the Blender Foundation. It seems many are still undecisive or have decided not to support it. To those of you, I want to explain what makes Gooseberry so cool.

What you get

A steal for only €45. Hell, just the Painting course from David Revoir is worth it! And if you can swing €175 (the full 18 month cloud subscription) you’ll get your name in the credits. Yup, your name… in a movie, without doing any work!.

Why it matters

You’re also supporting an alternative to the concentration of the industry on a few large studios and their abuses. You may have already heard the example of Rythm and Hues: The company that won an oscar for their VFX work in Life of Pi, and went bankrupt the next week. (if you haven’t check this video) In the end it’s about supporting Free Culture and Free Software. It’s not only about getting free stuff you know :) Participate!

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