Final Core

Art Jan 24, 2017

Long time no art!

Here’s a new piece I’ve been working on. I initally wanted to make a quick doodle to test out filmic Blender, but got a little carried away :)

Final Core

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Using a 3D View to preview scenes

Tutorials Jan 5, 2017

Do you find yourself constantly switching in and out of camera view while working in Blender? There’s a better way!

Just keep a separate 3D View to preview your scene while you work on another. You can use this view to render in the viewport, check composition or animation as you move things around. Making a viewport for previews is easy. The first step is to make a new 3D View by splitting some editor. I usually do it above the Outliner or the Properties Editor.

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Twist Intro released

News Jan 2, 2017

I’ve finally released my first motion graphics template in the Blender Market. This is something that I’ve been wanting to get on for a long time. I used to sell After Effects templates on Videohive (with moderate success) and I’m eager to see how far I can push Blender on the motion graphics front.

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Fuzz Texture pack released!

News Nov 10, 2016

I’ve released a new product on the Blender Market, it’s called Fuzz. It’s a pack of procedural textures for Cycles to simulate fur and animal-print.

Fuzz logo

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Avoiding Blender's Relative paths

Tutorials Oct 4, 2016

Blender uses a special kind of relative paths. These paths start with ”//” and are relative to the blend file they are set in. The double dashes replace the path to the blend file’s directory, or in the case of library objects they replace the full path to the file.

The problem with using these paths when scripting is that the rest of Python doesn’t understand them. If you pass them to something like Popen you would get permission or file not found errors.

This is a special pain when using String Properties in addon preferences. You can set the subtype in them to FILE_PATH to get a nice file browser button, but there’s no way to avoid getting relative paths. Worse yet, they are relative to the current blend file. Since it’s impossible to figure out from which file they were set originally, you would be unable to resolve that path in the future.

The user can make the file browser return absolute paths by ticking the “relative” checkbox in the left panel. But why not just enforce them and save us some time and trouble?

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Sculpting Practice #2

Art Sep 19, 2016

I’ve been working on my sculping chops again. I’ve been trying different things (without much success), mostly I just wanted to get into doing this again.

It’s funny that after gathering all the images I realized how I’ve been repeating shapes and ideas from before. Looks like I’ve got some serious habit breaking to do!

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Render+ 1.0 released

News Sep 5, 2016

The time has come! Render+ 1.0 is out (yes, again!).

I don’t know how many people were using it back then, but the first release of R+ was 1.0. Around the third release I realized it was still missing way to much to be considered a 3.0, so I took it back to 0.4.

I wasn’t planning on hitting 1.0 until later, but the 0.x releases were getting old. With a very decent feature set, and a stable code base, it was time to move to major releases (1.0, 2.0, etc). So the future version of R+ will be 1.5 or 2.0 depending on how many targets it ends up covering.

Another reason to skip 0.9 is that I dropped half the targets. Advanced video rendering turned out to be a nightmare, and the Blender devs are already working on improving this area.

The other target was V-Ray support. Unfortunately it looks like it would involve quite a lot of work (almost an entire codepath just for vray). The biggest issue is that the Blender addon for V-ray is not marked stable yet so the code could still change a lot, making it a kind of moving target to support.

The full changelog is rather lengthy. You can check it here

Quick Summary

  • Better UI. The batch list now follows the inital state design pattern, settings and operators are now “modes” that take the entire panel.
  • Lots of small improvements to the batch workflow. Scene details are filled automatically when you create a new job, directories are automatically created if the output path doesn’t exist, and more.
  • New settings for OpenGL renders (formerly “Preview Renders”).
  • Autogenerate is now called Quick Batch, is much easier to find and includes new options to generate batches.
  • Support for large renders. Split a large image into a batch of small render jobs.
  • Color looks batch. Automatically create a render job for every color look in color management.
  • Custom GPU per job (or CPU).
  • Change multiple outputs in batches. A tool to change the output of every render job according to a series of options.
  • Number of samples per job (Cycles only)
  • The Batch panel can now show stats of the previous batch, including how rendertime for each job.
  • And more :)

Get Render+ in the Market!

Bending light in Cycles

Tutorials Aug 5, 2016

In today’s tutorial we’ll break the laws of physics, and prove we can abuse nodes to make Cycles do anything we want

I posted about this effect on Twitter some time ago as a “useless experiment”. People were interested in it, so I’ve gone back to look deeper into it. The trick is fairly simple: make an object look like it’s being lit from the opposite side using only a Cycles material.

The bending light trick

The bending light trick

As you can see, there’s only one light in the scene, a Sun lamp. You can actually make the light come from any direction, since it’s controlled by a normal node.

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Figures texture pack released

News Jul 26, 2016


After quite some time I’ve launched a new product in the market. It’s a pack of procedural textures centered around geometrical forms. These textures were quite the challenge, specially polka dots. It was easy to make them work in a plane at first, since it’s basically 2D but getting them to look right on a 3D object is something else entirely.

As usual, these textures are 100% node-based so they work in the GPU. I’ve also taken care to label and organize them as clearly as possible so you can study them if you want to.

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Mirage 2 released!

News Jun 28, 2016

Hello fellow Blenderheads. I’m happy to announce Mirage 2 is finally out! This new version comes packed with new features and changes.

It’s taken a lot longer than I hoped, with more than a few bumps along the way. I hit most of the targets for this version, except for Hydraulic Erosion which I’m moving to the future (maybe to 4.0). I ended up adding things that weren’t planned as well, like the new terrain algorithm, thermal erosion or the new slopes feature.

Read on for a short list of what’s new.

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