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Cycles studies vol. 1

Hi everyone, here’s some studies of cycles materials I’ve been doing to level up my shading. These are inspired by Reynante Martinez’s work, I hope to make more in the future.

Blender Sketch #2

You’ll need some textures from Lost&Taken to render this Blend File

Black Light theme for Blender

Hi readers! Here’s a theme I’ve been tweaking for the last month or so. Hope you enjoy it. Nodes are color-coded so it’s easier to understand how the nodetree flows. Green: Inputs/outputs Orange: Color nodes (Mix, Alpha over, etc.) Light Blue: Node Groups Download Black Light

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Render+ 0.6 released

Good news everyone! A new version of Render+ is out. This is by far the most polished version I’ve put out. Not only the user interface has improved, I also went over the documentation again and managed to get rid of the stupid animation settings checkbox!.


Long time no post! I’ve been quite busy with editorial work and Render+ 0.6. And a new version of this site, of course 🙂

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Using UiLists in Blender

Hello fellow Pythonistas, in this tutorial we’ll find out how to use UILists in our scripts and add-ons. If your users need to handle large amounts (or variable) amounts of data, this is the widget you want.

Museum Foyer

This is a modern museum foyer I designed as home for the Arch Academy. It still has some kinks and looks pretty empty without people, but I think it’ll let it rest and move on to something else for now.

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Render+ 0.4 out in the Blender Market

After a small hiatus, a new version of Render+ is released! R+ is also going Pro, you can now buy it in the Blender Market. Sales will fund more advanced features like Batch Rendering, better testing and support.