Using makefiles to package addons

Ahh finally putting your addon in a zip file and posting it, the most relaxing part of development. Except when you have to do it often!

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Enhance 2.0 is out!

Did you know I made a whole suite of nodes for the compositor? It’s called Enhance and I just pushed a massive update.

Reflow addon for Blender

Think you’re ready for 60fps video? I’ve just released a free addon for Blender to help you with that.

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Mirage landscaping addon is out!

After some furious weeks of coding I’ve launched a new addon in the market. It’s called Mirage and it lets you generate terrrains and distribute trees over it easily. It also includes some vertex groups utilities (so you can tweak the terrains easily). I plan to develop this addon into a full landscaping suite for Blender, with realistic terrain generation, …

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Render+ 0.8 released

After several months of work, version 0.8 of Render+ is finally ready! This is a mostly technical release, focusing more on code and documentation quality. There are some cool features for users included though

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Cycles studies vol. 1

Hi everyone, here’s some studies of cycles materials I’ve been doing to level up my shading. These are inspired by Reynante Martinez’s work, I hope to make more in the future.

Blender Sketch #2

You’ll need some textures from Lost&Taken to render this Blend File

Black Light theme for Blender

Hi readers! Here’s a theme I’ve been tweaking for the last month or so. Hope you enjoy it. Nodes are color-coded so it’s easier to understand how the nodetree flows. Green: Inputs/outputs Orange: Color nodes (Mix, Alpha over, etc.) Light Blue: Node Groups Download Black Light