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Render+ 0.8 released

After sev­er­al months of work, ver­sion 0.8 of Ren­der+ is final­ly ready!

Cycles studies vol. 1

Hi every­one, here’s some stud­ies of cycles mate­ri­als I’ve been doing to lev­el up my shad­ing.

Blender Sketch #2

I’ve been toy­ing with the idea of abstrac­t/de­sign-like ren­ders.

Take the Pill

Hi guys, I’ve been want­i­ng to post quick sketches/scenes for a while but always found an excuse for not doing it. That ends now!

Render+ 0.6 released

Good news every­one! A new ver­sion of Ren­der+ is out. This is by far the most pol­ished ver­sion I’ve put out.


Long time no post! I’ve been quite busy with edi­to­r­i­al work and Ren­der+ 0.6. And a new ver­sion of this site, of course 🙂

Using UiLists in Blender

Hel­lo fel­low Python­istas, in this tuto­r­i­al we’ll find out how to use UILists in our scripts and add-ons.