Commercial Addons

Render+ is a Blender addon that makes rendering easier and more powerful. I started writing this addon because I wanted to automate more of my workflow without having to fiddle with too many settings or writing specific code. That's why Render+ is designed to put as much power in your hands with the simplest interface possible.

Mirage is a full suite for landscape and nature work in Blender. It currently supports terrain generation and tree distribution. This is an artist-oriented addon, built around a user-friendly GUI so you can focus on building your scene. All settings are simple to understand and fully documented.

Free addons

IOR Reference

IOR Reference is an addon for Blender that adds a list of common IOR values for materials in the nodes editor. Includes a button to insert a value node with the IOR. You can also search and sort the list by clicking the plus icon at the bottom.

Bouncy Ball

A toy addon for that I wrote for Blender inspired by the Bouncy Ball plasmoid from Plasma 4. It's a little side project to help me learn how to work with the Bgl/Blf.


Lets you change the fps in a scene. Instead of using time remapping, Reflow changes the animation data.  It offsets keyframes, markers and fixes NLA lenghts and the scene's endframe. Time remapping makes timeline  scrubbing weird and animations get cut because the frame's end isn't updated. Changing the keyframes is more  "permanent" but avoids the wonkyness.


Black Light Theme.
A theme I've made and I've been using for several years. It's based on the Base16 Tomorrow Night theme.

My uploads at Blendswap.
Motion graphics animations, models and experiments I've shared on Blendswap over the years.

Misc scripts.
Several simple scripts for Blender and others. Includes some nice time savers.