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Extruding meshes with Bmesh

In previous tutorials we looked into the basics of how to create mesh data to make new objects. Let’s shift gears and start abusing pre-existing meshes instead, today we will look at extrusions.

Futuristic Glass

I’ve been playing around with Eeevee recently and the new shader-to-rgb node to create a futuristic glass effect.

A look at security in Blender

A few moons ago security researchers at Cisco made waves in the Blender community after disclosing a number of vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code. All the of them were fixed by 2.79a but it’s still possible to make Blender run arbitrary code.

Extracting subtitles with FFmpeg

FFMpeg is the swiss army knife of video editors and motion artists worldwide. Let’s take a look at one of the lesser-known features.