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Long time no art!

Here’s a new piece I’ve been work­ing on. I ini­tal­ly want­ed to make a quick doo­dle to test out filmic Blender, but got a lit­tle car­ried away 🙂

One inter­est­ing thing I learned while work­ing on this lit­tle project is that Cycles uses dif­fer­ent algo­rithms for vol­ume ren­der­ing in CPU and GPU. I think the CPU one gives bet­ter results. The dif­fer­ence is eas­i­er to see in scenes with strong lights and con­trast like this one. The GPU algo­rithm looks duller and more the light­ing ends up look­ing more even.

If you’re send­ing blend files to the farm and get­ting strange results, remem­ber the vol­ume algo­rithms!

Art(Blender, Cycles)Last updated 03.09.2018
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