Futuristic Glass

I’ve been playing around with Eeevee recently and the new shader-to-rgb node.  Finally we have a way to grab the result of a BSDF node and transform it into an image. Anything that’s possible with images is also possible with shader nodes now: desaturation, tinting, using them to create masks, mixing them blend modes, etc.

In this demo I’m using shader-to-rgb to grab the output of several glass shaders and then I’m messing and mixing them using fresnel to create the sides tinting, ghosting and unrealistically bumping the brightness of the reflections at extreme angles. There’s a dispersion effect too but that’s an old trick 🙂

The HDR is from HDR Vault and the textures from Subtle Patterns. Everything is packed in the blend file so it’s a bulky download. Try messing with the colors and blend modes and watch out for crashes!