Sculpting Practice #2

19.09.2016 @ Art(Blender, Cycles, Experiment, Sculpting)

I’ve been working on my sculping chops again. I’ve been trying different things (without much success), mostly I just wanted to get into doing this again.

It’s funny that after gathering all the images I realized how I’ve been repeating shapes and ideas from before. Looks like I’ve got some serious habit breaking to do!

The first thing I worked on was this organic looking ship.

Then I worked on this creature, mainly testing how many polys I could push. It got really slow at around 6 million, so apparently that’s my limit> with this PC. You don’t need that many polys though, I could have decimated this and get roughly the same amount of detail for 2 million.

I also played around with Hardops 008. It’s not sculpting but I’ve been meaning to try it for quite a while. The presets are definitely the best part about it.

A more normal creature. I was hoping to vertex paint it (as an alternative to retopo + UV unwrapping), but found a lot of issues because of high amount of small tris so I ended up doing a OpenGL render like the rest.

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