Black Light V2

Did you include “Try a new Blender theme” in your New Years res­o­lu­tions? You’re in luck! Here’s a new and improved ver­sion of my old Black Light theme. Now with 100% more orange.

(Honest dis­claimer: I’ve been using this theme for a while so it’s not real­ly new 🙂 )

  • No longer makes the mesh ful­ly black on edit mode
  • Bigger ver­tex size in edit mode (much eas­i­er to select!)
  • Buttons are flat­ter now
  • Panel head­ers have more dis­tinct back­grounds now to sep­a­rate things better
  • Darker back­ground in 3D view
  • Selections are now orange-yellow
  • Much bet­ter col­ors in the dopesheet (the chan­nel name is now readable)
  • Empties are yel­low col­ored to make them eas­i­er to spot
  • More con­trast­ing col­ors for nodes and frames


How to install

  1. Download the theme and extract the zip file
  2. Open Blender and go to “File”, then choose “User Preferences” and then the “Themes​” tab
  3. At the bot­tom of that win­dow click “Install Theme” and select the “black_light_v2.xml” file
  4. If you like the theme click “Save User Settings”!
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