Bottles Mockup pack released

I’ve released a new prod­uct on the Blender Market! It’s a pack of full scene mock­ups with 5 com­mon bot­tle shapes. Great for pack­ag­ing design­ers look­ing to present their work quick­ly and real­is­ti­cal­ly, as well as mod­ellers look­ing to speed up their work with mock­up renders.


  • Models and scenes for: Soda, Beer, Whisky, Champagne and Wine
  • 4 Light setups
  • 10 Different back­drop materials
  • 2 Liquid objects for each bot­tle (full and 3/4 fill)
  • Particle sys­tems to sim­u­late con­den­sa­tion droplets
  • Every object ful­ly UV unwrapped and ready to be textured
  • Source files for all the label place­hold­ers you can see in the images
  • A 21-page PDF doc­u­ment­ing every detail
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