Enhance 2.0 is out!

Did you know I made a whole suite of nodes for the com­pos­i­tor? It’s called Enhance and I just pushed a mas­sive update.

Here’s the list of changes:

All nodes have a Mask input (thanks Fabien for the idea!)

  • All node names are now pre­fixed with their group, mak­ing them much eas­i­er to find when appending
  • Improved Documentation. The doc­u­men­ta­tion has been expand­ed, includes bet­ter images, tables and a search function
  • Nodes have been recat­e­go­rized in more dis­tinct gro
  • Several nodes that include a “blur” set­ting have been tweaked to make the val­ue range larger
  • New test image includ­ed in the blend file
  • Includes 37 new nodes
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