New IOR Reference addon

Googling for IOR val­ues can be dan­ger­ous! There’s all kinds of fun­ny videos, facts and troll com­ments just wait­ing to steal your time.

IOR Reference is an addon for Blender that adds a list of com­mon IOR val­ues right in the nodes edi­tor. It has over 300 val­ues so you can avoid the web brows­er and stay in Blender (and “the zone”).

It also includes a but­ton to insert a val­ue node with the select­ed IOR. Most times you can just type it but it can be handy if you have to plug the same IOR on dif­fer­ent nodes. Also as with all UILists in Blender, you can search and sort the list by click­ing the plus icon at the bottom.

You can fork it on github or down­load it here.

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ArticlesAddon, Blender, Cycles, Free, Python02.09.2018