Left clickin' in Blender

Here’s a keymap I’ve been using for a while in Blender.
One of the most com­mon com­plains about Blender is hav­ing to select things with the right mouse but­ton instead of the left. There are appar­ent­ly good rea­sons for this, but it always felt kind of akward. So I made a key con­fig­u­ra­tion pre­set that has a more “stan­dard” behavior.

This is what it does:

  • Sets right-click to the add menu in 3D view
  • Sets Ctrl + left-click to set the 3D cursor
  • Lets you scrub in the time­line using left-click (but you can also use right-click)
  • Sets right-click to add node in the node edi­tor and in the log­ic editor
  • Sets Ctrl + right-click­to the add menu in the VSE

To install in Blender, go to File > Preferences. Go to the “Input” tab and click on “Import key con­fig­u­ra­tion”. Just nav­i­gate to where you down­loaded the file. Don’t for­get to set “Select with” to Left!

There’s a new ver­sion of this pre­set. Check it out.

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