Render+ 0.3

After way too much time, I’m hap­py to announce a new ver­sion of Render+

This ver­sion adds a few fea­tures and bug­fix­es, but most impor­tant­ly it adds a tog­gle for ani­ma­tion ren­ders. Sadly Blender doesn’t have a way of dis­tin­guish­ing between ani­ma­tion and image ren­ders, and all the (smart?) workarounds I tried didn’t work. If the ani­ma­tion tog­gle is dis­abled post-ren­der actions, noti­fi­ca­tions, autosaves and the poweroff options will be exe­cut­ed once for every frame (for instance, the com­put­er would shut­down after the first frame). It’s annoy­ing but just remem­ber to turn it on before ren­der­ing animations!

You may also notice that the ver­sion num­ber­ing is changed to some­thing that makes more sense, giv­en that this addon is not even half a year old 🙂

Here’s the full changelog

  • Adds autosave for still images
  • Adds tog­gle for ani­ma­tion ren­ders, so call­backs aren’t called every frame
  • Adds Desktop Notifications (Linux and OSX Mavericks)
  • Fixed bug where call­backs weren’t persistent
  • Clearer UI
  • (Linux) xterm now stays open after a BG render
  • (Linux) Uses sys­tem­ctl instead of dep­re­cat­ed Dbus calls
  • Major code cleanup. All prop­er­ties are now inside a col­lec­tion so they don’t fill up the scene. Uses only two call­backs now. Also PEP8 compatible.
  • Uses more real­is­tic ver­sion numbering
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