Render+ 1.0 released

The time has come! Render+ 1.0 is out (yes, again!).

I don’t know how many peo­ple were using it back then, but the first release of R+ was 1.0. Around the third release I real­ized it was still miss­ing way to much to be con­sid­ered a 3.0, so I took it back to 0.4.

I wasn’t plan­ning on hit­ting 1.0 until lat­er, but the 0.x releas­es were get­ting old. With a very decent fea­ture set, and a sta­ble code base, it was time to move to major releas­es (1.0, 2.0, etc). So the future ver­sion of R+ will be 1.5 or 2.0 depend­ing on how many tar­gets it ends up covering.

Another rea­son to skip 0.9 is that I dropped half the tar­gets. Advanced video ren­der­ing turned out to be a night­mare, and the Blender devs are already work­ing on improv­ing this area.

The oth­er tar­get was V‑Ray sup­port. Unfortunately it looks like it would involve quite a lot of work (almost an entire code­path just for vray). The biggest issue is that the Blender addon for V‑ray is not marked sta­ble yet so the code could still change a lot, mak­ing it a kind of mov­ing tar­get to support.

The full changel­og is rather lengthy. You can check it here

Quick Summary

  • Better UI. The batch list now fol­lows the ini­tal state design pat­tern, set­tings and oper­a­tors are now “modes” that take the entire panel.
  • Lots of small improve­ments to the batch work­flow. Scene details are filled auto­mat­i­cal­ly when you cre­ate a new job, direc­to­ries are auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed if the out­put path doesn’t exist, and more.
  • New set­tings for OpenGL ren­ders (for­mer­ly “Preview Renders”).
  • Autogenerate is now called Quick Batch, is much eas­i­er to find and includes new options to gen­er­ate batches.
  • Support for large ren­ders. Split a large image into a batch of small ren­der jobs.
  • Color looks batch. Automatically cre­ate a ren­der job for every col­or look in col­or management.
  • Custom GPU per job (or CPU).
  • Change mul­ti­ple out­puts in batch­es. A tool to change the out­put of every ren­der job accord­ing to a series of options.
  • Number of sam­ples per job (Cycles only)
  • The Batch pan­el can now show stats of the pre­vi­ous batch, includ­ing how ren­der­time for each job.
  • And more 🙂
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