Render+ 1.0

Render+ is an addon that allows you to start back­ground ren­ders from with­in Blender and much more


Adds but­tons to quick­ly start ren­der­ing the cur­rent blend file in the back­ground. These ren­der jobs run sep­a­rate from the Blender win­dow, so you can close your file and do some­thing else while it renders.

Monitoring Background renders

A render.log file is gen­er­at­ed in the same fold­er where your ren­der is saved. You can open this file in a text edi­tor like Sublime Text, or use the tail com­mand in a ter­mi­nal, like so:

tail -f /home/[user]/MyRender/render.log


  • You need to save your file before you start a BG render
  • Supports only Linux at the moment (Mac, BSD and Windows com­ing soon!)
  • H264 isn’t avail­able in the com­mand line (for BG renders)

Hope you can find it useful!

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