Render+ 1.5 released

Hi every­one, a new ver­sion of Render+ is out now! The big news is full sup­port for Windows and OS X and some minor bug fixes.

In case any­one for­got, Render+ is a Blender Addon. Here’s a quick sum­ma­ry of features:

  • Adds but­tons to quick­ly start ren­der­ing the cur­rent blend file in the back­ground. These ren­der jobs run sep­a­rate from the Blender win­dow, so you can close your file and do some­thing else while it renders.
  • Allows you to run a cus­tom com­mand when ren­der­ing is com­plete. This is for advanced users who want to move files, upload them to an FTP serv­er, etc.
  • Can set the com­put­er to sleep or turn it off when a ren­der is complete.
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