Render+ 2.0

Hey, it’s that time of the month (or week): a new ver­sion of Render+ is out. What’s new you ask? This much:

  • Warns the users about H264 not being avail­able for BG renders
  • Warns the user if he has not saved the file yet
  • Autosaves before start­ing BG renders
  • Fixes bug with extensions
  • Adds an option to open a BG ren­ders inside a terminal
  • Adds the abil­i­ty to run Python scripts post-render
  • Adds the abil­i­ty to run scripts or com­mands pre-render
  • Uses Blender’s info­bar for mes­sages now
  • Minor rewrite and cleanup, now it looks more like a Blender addon 🙂
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