Render+ 2.1 is out

It’s release time! Render+ 2.1 is now out.

This ver­sion comes with sev­er­al small qual­i­ty of life improve­ments. I’m try­ing to small­er, more fre­quent releas­es mov­ing for­ward. This way you can get bug fix­es and small improve­ments faster instead of wait­ing until I imple­ment some big feature.

Let’s look at the changes in this version

Debug mes­sages now include serv­er debug mes­sages. The Batch serv­er had it’s own log­ger, but it was only writ­ing to a file. Now we can enable print­ing to the ter­mi­nal (with a new parameter).

Render+ will also enable serv­er debug logs when enabling the addon’s debug mes­sages. This will help fight those annoy­ing bugs. Duplicate log mes­sages are also fixed, so no more echo in the ter­mi­nal (I’m pos­i­tive there’s a nerd joke in there some­where).

The cam­era field will now be red if it is emp­ty, since you need a cam­era to ren­der. And to help you pick one the field will only show cam­eras, instead of every object in the scene. This one has been in the back­log for quite a while!

I’ve fixed sev­er­al issues with paths too. Blender’s “.001” suf­fix­es are now removed cor­rect­ly. Render+ will autosave image ren­ders to the blend’s fold­er if the out­put path is emp­ty instead of fail­ing. The Change Output paths dia­log will not add an under­score to the first vari­able if the file­name is emp­ty. For instance, if you had select­ed scene as the first vari­able, you can now get some­thing like “MyScene.png” instead of “_MyScene.png”.

Render+ will now change the view lay­er in the Render Layers node in the com­pos­i­tor for each job. Only when the com­po is enabled, of course.

Render jobs won’t be marked as “failed” any­more if they cre­at­ed a ren­der file. Sometimes Blender crash­es when quit­ting or spits oth­er errors that made R+ believe the ren­der failed. Now, we only con­sid­er it failed if there was an error and we can’t find any ren­der file.

Starting a batch will show an error before start­ing if any tex­ture files are miss­ing. No more pink ren­ders! This only works for inter­nal ren­der jobs for now (eg. not for exter­nal files).

You can grab the update from the Blender Market or Gumroad as usual.

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