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I think at this point most peo­ple have already heard about Gooseberry, the new Open Movie project by the Blender Foundation. It seems many are still unde­ci­sive or have decid­ed not to sup­port it. To those of you, I want to explain what makes Gooseberry so cool.

What you get

  • The pre­vi­ous 3 open shorts with all the extras: con­cept art, posters, quad splits, etc.
  • Access to all the source files for the shorts.
  • Of course, access to the final movie and all of it’s assets as well. How awe­some is that? Image being able to inspect any scene or use any mod­el from an ani­mat­ed movie!
  • Access to behind the scenes as the movie is being made.
  • Hours and hours of train­ing mate­r­i­al (val­ued at €170).
  • Have Blender stress-test­ed on a large scale pro­duc­tion to high­light bugs, pit­falls and per­for­mance issues. Not just that, the devel­op­ment team will be work­ing along­side the artists on these issues as they come up.
  • Fund new fea­tures: the ten­ta­tive roadmap includes asset man­age­ment tools, improve­ments on fur, sim­u­la­tions, par­ti­cles and shar­ing of inter­nal CPU and GPU. And you can bet Cycles will be get­ting faster too.
  • Support the devel­op­ment of Blender Cloud (future col­lab­o­ra­tion tools, etc.)

A steal for only €45. Hell, just the Painting course from David Revoir is worth it! And if you can swing €175 (the full 18 month cloud sub­scrip­tion) you’ll get your name in the cred­its. Yup, your name… in a movie, with­out doing any work!.

Why it matters

You’re also sup­port­ing an alter­na­tive to the con­cen­tra­tion of the indus­try on a few large stu­dios and their abus­es. You may have already heard the exam­ple of Rythm and Hues: The com­pa­ny that won an oscar for their VFX work in Life of Pi, and went bank­rupt the next week. (if you haven’t check this video)
In the end it’s about sup­port­ing Free Culture and Free Software. It’s not only about get­ting free stuff you know 🙂 Participate!

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