Twist Intro released

I’ve final­ly released my first motion graph­ics tem­plate in the Blender Market. This is some­thing that I’ve been want­i­ng to get on for a long time. I used to sell After Effects tem­plates on Videohive (with mod­er­ate suc­cess) and I’m eager to see how far I can push Blender on the motion graph­ics front.

The tem­plate fea­tures two vari­a­tions: Light and Dark.Light is per­fect to present fun or infor­mal con­tent, while Dark works best
for pro­fes­sion­al content.

Everything is labeled and orga­nized to be as easy to cus­tomize as pos­si­ble. And on top of that, it includes a 12 page man­u­al doc­u­ment­ing every lit­tle detail. You will find infor­ma­tion on how the dif­fer­ent effects work and how to tweak them, along with some tips & tricks.

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