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Futuristic Glass

I’ve been playing around with Eeevee recently and the new shader-to-rgb node.  Finally we have a way to grab the result of a BSDF node and transform it into an image.

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EXP 002 // Bacteria

Time for another animation experiment in Blender. This time inspired by the ending sequence of the first episodes of Ergo Proxy (though I ended up doing something totally different!).

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Default CubismChallenge

Mike Pan launched his default cubism challenge again this year. I joined in this time for 20 days, posting a render on twitter everyday.

Final Core

Long time no art! Here’s a new piece I’ve been working on. I initally wanted to make a quick doodle to test out filmic Blender, but got a little carried away 🙂

Sculpting Practice #2

I’ve been working on my sculping chops again. I’ve been trying different things (without much success), mostly I just wanted to get into doing this again.

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Cycles studies vol. 1

Hi everyone, here’s some studies of cycles materials I’ve been doing to level up my shading. These are inspired by Reynante Martinez’s work, I hope to make more in the future.

Blender Sketch #2

You’ll need some textures from Lost&Taken to render this Blend File


Long time no post! I’ve been quite busy with editorial work and Render+ 0.6. And a new version of this site, of course 🙂

Museum Foyer

This is a modern museum foyer I designed as home for the Arch Academy. It still has some kinks and looks pretty empty without people, but I think it’ll let it rest and move on to something else for now.