Mirage 3.1 launched

Keep­ing up with the pre­vi­ous deci­sion to make small­er, more fre­quent releas­es here’s Mirage 3.1.

Render+ 1.7 released

Christ­mas comes ear­ly for Ren­der+ users! This new ver­sion focus­es on improve­ments for ren­der jobs based on exter­nal files.

Mirage 3.0 is out now

That’s right! The next ver­sion of Mirage if final­ly out in the wild. It’s been a lit­tle while since 2.1.

Bottles Mockup updated!

I’ve updat­ed Bot­tles mock­up pack for Ben­der 2.79 with all the cool new fea­tures.

New IOR Reference addon

IOR Ref­er­ence is an addon for Blender that adds a list of com­mon IOR val­ues right in the nodes edi­tor.

Render+ 1.5 Released

A new release of Ren­der+ is out today. 1.5 brings sev­er­al fix­es, some pol­ish and a handy new fea­ture.

Bottles Mockup pack released

I’ve released a new prod­uct on the Blender Mar­ket! It’s a pack of full scene mock­ups with 5 com­mon bot­tle shapes.

Twist Intro released

I’ve final­ly released my first motion graph­ics tem­plate in the Blender Mar­ket. This is some­thing that I’ve been want­i­ng to get on for a long time.

Fuzz Texture pack released!

I’ve released a new prod­uct on the Blender Mar­ket, it’s called Fuzz. It’s a pack of pro­ce­dur­al tex­tures for Cycles to sim­u­late fur and ani­mal-print.