Extruding meshes with Bmesh

In previous tutorials we looked into the basics of how to create mesh data to make new objects. Let’s shift gears and start abusing pre-existing meshes instead, today we will look at extrusions.

Extracting subtitles with FFmpeg

FFMpeg is the swiss army knife of video editors and motion artists worldwide. Let’s take a look at one of the lesser-known features.

Left Click in Blender: Redux

Many moons ago I shared a keymap I was using to have LMB to select and perform most actions in Blender. No, I haven’t changed my mind 🙂

Meshes with Python & Blender: Rounded Cubes

Unlike the previous part, this tutorial will be lighter on math and focus more on the “Blender stuff”. We will look at adding and applying modifiers, reading a mesh from a file and managing complexity.

Meshes with Python & Blender: Icospheres

In the third part of the series we get into making icosahedra, subdividing and refining them to spheres. To top it off, we’ll also look at two ways of setting a mesh’s shading to smooth.