Abstract Blob intro

Turns out, dri­vers can be use­ful for motion graph­ics too. Who would have thought some­thing like that?

I’ve recent­ly spent some time learn­ing rig­ging from the Humane Rigging videos in Blender Cloud and start­ed to won­der how they could be used for mograph.

Nathan Vegdahl makes some inter­est­ing points about automat­ing as much as pos­si­ble to avoid counter-ani­mat­ing and keep­ing a low keyframe count. All the rota­tion move­ments in this ani­ma­tion are dri­ven, only scales and the logo glitch­ing are ful­ly keyed. It’s still a lit­tle messy, but way eas­i­er than key­ing everything!


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