Futuristic UI Freebie

I start­ed this lit­tle motion graph­ics project some­time in the 2.78 days, orig­i­nal­ly using Blender Render but the lack of nodes and the view­port per­for­mance made it more com­pli­cat­ed than it had to be.

But live in the future now! Eevee and the UI improve­ments over the last few releas­es have made this a lot more fun. Note that this blend makes heavy use of dri­vers and Python. If you are not see­ing any ani­ma­tion once you open the blend file, make sure to allow drivers. 

The dif­fer­ent text objects are ani­mat­ed via a Python script. Unfortunately you can’t see it when you are scrub­bing through the time­line, only when ren­der­ing since it’s using the pre_render call­back. To enable the ani­ma­tions, go into the “Scripting” tab and click the Play but­ton to run the script. You can also change the random.seed() val­ue at the begin­ning of the script to change the texts that get picked randomly.

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FreebiesBlender, Motion Graphics, Python17.09.2021