Long time no post! I’ve been quite busy with edi­to­r­i­al work and Render+ 0.6. And a new ver­sion of this site, of course 🙂

I’ve also been learn­ing a few tricks to opt­mize Cycles ren­ders. Cycles itself has also got­ten faster. Here’s atrail­er-ish ani­ma­tion I’ve made. I can’t remem­ber what inspired it now, but I’m sure it was some­thing on TV.

Anyway, Cycles aver­aged 20 sec­onds per frame on my GTX650, which is pret­ty decent. I’m sure adap­ta­tive sam­pling will blow that num­ber out of the water.

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FreebiesAnimation, Blender, Cycles, Experiment, Motion Graphics03.09.2018