Bottles Mockup updated!

19.09.2017 @ News(Blender, BlenderMarket, Cycles, Mockup)

Blender 2.79 was released last week, and we can finally enjoy filmic, the principled shader, denoiser and more. I’ve updated Bottles mockup pack for Bender 2.79 with all the cool new features.

What’s new:

  • Every scene now uses filmic for a much more realistic look
  • Label, cork an cap materials now use the Principled shader.
  • The old nodegroups have been removed since they are no longer necessary.
  • Geometry has been improved on some meshes
  • The glass shaders have also been improved
  • The manual has been updated with better images and style. It’s also in html now, so it’s more accesible for everyone.

If you have already bought the pack, this update is free!

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  1. michael-kiss(1 year ago)

    Hi, sadly the link does not seem to be working :/

    1. Diego Gangl(1 year ago)

      Looks like there was a space in the url, thanks!

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