Render+ 0.6 released

Good news every­one! A new ver­sion of Render+ is out. This is by far the most pol­ished ver­sion I’ve put out. Not only the user inter­face has improved, I also went over the doc­u­men­ta­tion again and man­aged to get rid of the stu­pid ani­ma­tion set­tings check­box!.

I also improved the sales mate­ri­als but you prob­a­bly don’t care about that 🙂

Check out the new stuff

  • Smoking new user inter­face
  • Autosave now hon­ors over­write option and is more robust
  • Autogenerate jobs for batch ren­der­ing
  • Sound noti­fi­ca­tions
  • The ani­ma­tion set­tings check­box is gone! high­five
  • Options to send to bottom/top, dupli­cate, and clear all in Batch Panel
  • Batch pan­el can be dis­abled in pref­er­ences
  • New Stats: Estimated time, average/fastest/slowest frame ren­der­times
News(Addon, Blender, BlenderMarket, Python, Render+)Last updated 03.09.2018
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