Render+ 1.5 Released

10.08.2017 @ News(Addon, Blender, BlenderMarket, Python, Render+)

A new release of Render+ is out today. 1.5 brings several fixes, some polish and a handy new feature.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit render only to find some object sticking out in the middle of it. The fact that you can toggle visibility in the viewport and render independently is great, but it can also get frustrating. With the new autohide setting, Render+ can take care of automatically hiding objects for rendering when they are hidden in the viewport (and viceversa).
It’s a real life-saver when working with heavy renders and hundreds of objects.

What’s new

  • Default Output path preference. The user can now set a convention for new output paths in new render jobs.
  • Test Connection button for Email settings. The connection to the SMTP server can now be tested without sending any emails.
  • Clear Batch Temp Folder button. It’s possible to delete all left-over files from the batches temporary folder in one click now.
  • Added documentation and a warning when setting up a Gmail account for emails. Some extra setps are needed to use a Gmail account from R+ due to Google’s security measures.
  • Email notifications don’t set a fake sender in the headers anymore. This prevents Gmail from rejecting emails.
  • Duplicated render jobs now come up below the original job and are automatically selected.
  • Render Layers Quick Batch now includes the scene name in the render job’s name
  • Fix a bug when starting batches with a terminal on Windows
  • Scenes Quick Batch doesn’t fill the renderlayer input anymore. This way it will render all layers by default. The old behaviour can be replicated using the Renderlayers Quick Batch.
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