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15.08.2019 @ News(Addon, Blender, BlenderMarket, Python, Render+)

After a long time Render+ 2 is final­ly out. I start­ed work­ing on this ver­sion on September last year, and went into beta around January until now. But the plan­ning for these changes goes back years. I’m real­ly hap­py with this release, the code base and the whole sys­tem have tak­en a leap for­ward in qual­i­ty. These changes pave the way for many more cool fea­tures. And less bugs too (hope­ful­ly :))

This is the first ver­sion for Blender 2.80. The batch pan­el now lives in the new out­put tab, while the ren­der set­tings stayed in the ren­der tab. The UI also got some updates to fit in with the new style. But this is only skin deep, the real work hap­pened under the hood.

Render+ 2 is a full rewrite of the old 1.x series. Many parts of the code were improved, oth­ers mod­ern­ized. The biggest change has been the batch sys­tem, which now uses a serv­er to han­dle the ren­der jobs. The old sys­tem used tem­po­rary files to com­mu­ni­cate with Blender. It was awk­ward and error prone. It was also impos­si­ble to scale up to a net­work since both the addon and Blender had to be on the same com­put­er.

The new batch serv­er now takes com­mands over http (via a REST API). It’s pos­si­ble to imple­ment net­work ren­der­ing now. It’s not done for this ver­sion, but I plan on care­ful­ly imple­ment­ing this over the 2.x series. Another win for the new serv­er is that any­one can write a client for it. You can inte­grate Render+ into any pan­el, or even write your own with any lan­guage that can make http requests (you can even use Curl in the shell!). The API is ful­ly doc­u­ment­ed in the man­u­al.

Many little things too

This ver­sion also packs some new fea­tures, bug fix­es and UI improve­ments.

  • Render jobs now have progress bars and oth­er progress info (only Cycles and Eevee sup­port­ed at the moment)
  • You can now can­cel indi­vid­ual ren­der jobs
  • Quick Batches for Markers, Cameras and Render Layers now set default out­put paths
  • Added a doc­u­men­ta­tion but­ton in the pref­er­ences that points to the local copy of the man­u­al, so you don’t need to be online to read it
  • Previous Batch mode now includes batch start­ed and fin­ished date, as well as total ren­der time and job sta­tis­tics (aver­age, fastest, slow­est)
  • Added an option to print debug mes­sages to the con­sole (instead of a file)
  • Added an option to dis­able over­writ­ing ren­der files in batch­es
  • Render+ can now run cus­tom com­mands and scripts before and after run­ning a batch, as well as before and after run­ning ren­der jobs
  • Power off, noti­fi­ca­tions and actions for batch­es are sep­a­rat­ed from the gen­er­al set­tings
  • Email noti­fi­ca­tions now include batch stats: aver­age time, slow­est and fastest job
  • Global per­cent­age for batch­es can now be set high­er than 100%
  • Fixed blank out­put paths. Now they take the path from the job scene
  • Fixed dupli­cat­ed out­put paths accu­mu­lat­ing "_00x" at the end of the file

Also, some things were removed as they are no longer use­ful in Blender 2.80 (RIP):

  • The ren­der slots menu. Blender now sup­ports named slots, and you can have as many as you want. Check out the N‑Panel when look­ing at a Render in the image edi­tor.
  • OpenGL ren­der­ing is old news. Now we have Eevee and the Workbench ren­der engine.
  • Custom CSS for RSS files are gone too. I used these to cre­ate a poor-man’s web pan­el. But now we can have actu­al web clients.

Render+ 2 is also avail­able on Gumroad now!

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  1. Richard Garber(5 months ago)

    If pos­si­ble could you explain why some­one would want to batch ren­der? I’m fair­ly new to Blender and looks great what you’ve done but I don’t know where some­thing like batch ren­der­ing would be applic­a­ble? Thanks! And if you time. — Rich

    1. Diego Gangl(5 months ago)

      Hi Rich, you would want to batch ren­der when you have many scenes to ren­der. It would be tedious to ren­der them one by one. So instead you can ren­der them in all in a batch. Since Render+ allows you to turn off your PC after run­ning the batch, you can leave a bunch of scenes ren­der­ing overnight with­out wor­ry­ing about leav­ing the com­put­er on for too long. You may also want to ren­der dif­fer­ent por­tions, or use dif­fer­ent cam­eras, light­ing setups, etc. That can mul­ti­ply the num­ber of ren­ders you would have to do. So, run­ning them in a batch would be more con­ve­nient.

  2. Alon(4 months ago)

    Hi ‚Grate Addon,is there a plan for net­work ren­der­ing in the near future?

    1. Diego Gangl(4 months ago)

      Hi, thanks! Yes, net­work ren­der­ing is planned. 2.0 added some of the infra­struc­ture to make that pos­si­ble.

  3. Alon(1 month ago)

    Hi, this is great news,
    when will you release a new update.

    1. Diego Gangl(1 month ago)

      Hi Alon, I’m hop­ing to get a Beta for the next ver­sion of Mirage this week and then start work­ing on Render+ 2.1. Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to work on R+ too.
      I’m con­sid­er­ing mak­ing small­er updates so I can push them out more fre­quent­ly.

  4. Alon(1 month ago)

    Hi Diego,this is great news again,
    Looking for­ward to the next releas­es with great antic­i­pa­tion.
    Know that your add-on is one of my favorites,
    good job 🙂

  5. Nino(4 days ago)

    Hey Diego, can you con­firm this works with cur­rent 2.81 / 2.82 ?

    Also I think it would­n’t be a prob­lem using it with octane right ?



    1. Diego Gangl(3 days ago)

      Hey Nino, yes R+ works with the lat­est Blenders. It also works with Octane, but there was a bug some time ago in Octane where it would only ren­der ani­ma­tions if you start­ed on frame 1. I don’t know if they fixed it TBH, I nev­er received any more com­ments about Octane.


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