Circle Bursts in Blender

2D motion graph­ics aren’t the domain of After Effects alone, Blender is becom­ing more and more capa­ble as a mograph tool. In this quick tip I’ll show you how to make a sim­ple pop­ping effect (some­times called Circle Burst). This is an updat­ed video ver­sion of one of the first tuto­ri­als I post­ed on this site.

This is my first voiced video tuto­r­i­al, so please be bru­tal in the com­ments! I know there must be a lot to improve. Also, let me know if you are inter­est­ed in see­ing more motion graph­ics tricks and tuto­ri­als for Blender. I have sev­er­al ideas for more of these quick tip videos.

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