Left Click in Blender: Redux

Many, many moons ago I shared a keymap I was using to have left click (LMB) to select and per­form most actions in Blender. No, I haven’t changed my mind 🙂

I kept using it, mak­ing sev­er­al changes and try­ing dif­fer­ent things over the years. After all this time I’ve final­ly got a keymap that does­n’t change too much, but def­i­nite­ly improves work­flow. Here are the changes includ­ed in the keymap:

  • Select and move with LMB
  • Set 3D cur­sor with alt+LMB
  • Scrub time­lines (AKA move the ani­ma­tion cur­sor) with ctrl+LMB
  • Set selec­tion mode to ver­tices with 1, edges with 2 and faces with 3 (in edit mode of course).
  • Zoom to select­ed with alt+MMB
  • Set sculpt brush to scrape with X

I use this along with Paweł Łyczkowski’s rRMB addon. The rRMB addon takes over the RMB but­ton (sur­prise!) to show a con­text menu much like the ones we’re used to see in oth­er applications.


Go to File > Preferences and select the “Input” tab. First of all, set “Select With” to Left.  The click on the “Import Key Configuration” but­ton and nav­i­gate to where you down­loaded the keymap file.

Finally, you can tweak the keys to use the RMB for oth­er things, or use Paweł‘s rRMB addon.

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