The Nashville filter in Krita step-by-step

Last time we repli­cat­ed the Mayfair fil­ter in Krita. Today we go cold­er with the Nashville fil­ter. Nashville gives your images low con­trast, high expo­sure and sub­tle warm tint mixed with cool blueish colors.

The Nashville Instagram filter recreated in Krita
The birds from Pixabay mak­ing a comeback.

This fil­ter is far hard­er than Mayfair so brace your­self for all of these 3 steps.

  1. Add a new Filter Layer and select RGBA Curves. Select the blue chan­nel, and then the first node the curve. Increase the out­put val­ue to 127. This will bump the blues in the image. Let’s call this lay­er “Blue adjust­ment”
RGBA Curves in Krita
  1. Next, add a new Fill Layer and set the col­or to #f6ddad and set it to Multiply. This will bring the sub­tle warm tones. Let’s call this “Yellow Tint”. You can also use a paint lay­er and paint the col­or man­u­al­ly if you would like to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent shades.
Adding the filter's subtle tint
  1. Finally Add a new Filter Layer with the RGBA Curves fil­ter. Grab the left most han­dle and move it up to low­er the con­trast. Then squeeze the rest of the curve in an S shape to increase the con­trast of the rest of the values.
Final curves adjustment

This effect can also use some film grain like we did in the Mayfair fil­ter tuto­r­i­al. Honestly, every vin­tage effect could use some good grain.

I hope you are find­ing these tuto­ri­als use­ful, let me know if there any oth­er filters/effects you would like to see in Krita.

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