Switching cameras like a pro

Changing cam­eras is a very com­mon task in ani­ma­tion, and it’s actu­al­ly pret­ty easy to do in Blender (though a lit­tle hid­den) . Let’s see two meth­ods to accom­plish this.

Method 1: Binding cameras to markers

Go into your time­line and Make a new mark­er (press M, or use Marker > Add Marker).
Select your cam­era and press CTRL+B (in the time­line) to bind it to the mark­er.
All cam­eras need to be bound to some mark­er with this method. If you want to have a dif­fer­ent cam­era at the beg­gin­ing make a mark­er at the beg­gin­ing of the time­line and bind it.

Method 2: Using the Video Sequence Editor

Switch to the video edit­ing lay­out (or just make space for a VSE some­where). Add your a strip for your scene (Add > Scene). Move the cur­sor to the exact posi­tion where you want to change cam­eras and press K to cut the strip. Now you can select each strip and change it’s cam­era in the prop­er­ties pan­el under “Camera Override”.

The ben­e­fit to this method is that you can cross­fade and use effects between cameras.

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