Render+ 2.6 released

Boy, it’s been a while! I’m final­ly pick­ing Render+ devel­op­ment up again. This ver­sion comes with sev­er­al long need­ed fix­es and two flashy new features.

  • Support for the TurboTools addon. This has been request­ed sev­er­al times in the past few months and I’m glad to final­ly make it avail­able. I’d like to thank 3d illu­sions for their help and guid­ance, as well as Render+ user Tao for beta testing.
  • Python scripts in batch actions. You can now run Python scripts inside blend files before or after a ren­der job, as well as before and after the batch is run.

Among the fix­es are:

  • Better catch­ing for progress and timeouts
  • Preventing race con­di­tions when run­ning par­al­lel ren­der jobs
  • The “Disable All Addons” option now keeps Cycles enabled
  • The old “Server Stuck” thresh­old is now removed
  • The file renam­ing sys­tem was rewrit­ten and is more reli­able. However it’s dis­abled by default just in case there are some cor­ner cas­es I’ve missed.

You can grab the update from the Blender Market or Gumroad as usual.

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