Ocean Sim

Playing with the Ocean Simulator in Blender. I might animate this one day. Download Blend file

Hairs in Cycles

Here’s some fur/tentacle balls I made while studying hair in Blender. I’m really impressed with the hair system, you can even comb the hairdo in your models! Download the blend file

Left clickin’ in Blender

Here’s a keymap I’ve been using for a while in Blender. One of the most common complains about Blender is having to select things with the right mouse button instead of the left. There are apparently good reasons for this, but it always felt kind of akward. So I made a key configuration preset that has a more “standard” behavior.


Another animation test in Blender, this time using the new wireframe node in cycles.

Playing with overlays

Overlaying images is one of those things we do all the time, but rarely take the time to explore through. I spent some time playing with overlaying images and here’s the result.

Bug Thumbs

Some bug sketches (inspired by Feng Zhu)