Mirage 3.1 launched

02.04.2018 @ News(Addon, Blender, BlenderMarket, Mirage, Python)

Keeping up with the previous decision to make smaller, more frequent releases here’s Mirage 3.1.

What’s new

  • New Invert feature: Inverts the terrain, pretty useful for creating underwater, deep canyon terrains.
  • New Blocks feature: Creates a voxel-like effect in the terrain. Useful if you’re making minecraft-ish scenes, or games (and you don’t want to bother writing a voxel engine).
  • Fluvial Erosion (AKA Hydraulic Erosion): Everyone’s favorite erosion is in! This was slated for 3.0 but I ran into several issues with the implementation (particularly in the performance). This time I based the code on Michel Anders’ erosion algorithm (based on this paper).
  • Better value range for Alpine. Values for the alpine setting were a little wonky, sometimes 2 gave the same result as 0 and 10 was always too extreme to be useful. The new range corrects these issues.
  • Several bug fixes

As usual you can check the full changelog is available in the docs.

Next Version(s)


  • Rename “Features” with “Modifiers”. The original idea for features was that they would relate to particular terrain/rock features, with Blocks and invert this is obviously no longer the case. Modifiers represents them better and fits in with Blender lingo.
  • Merge the Slopes modifier and smooth edges option. The new modifier would be just called “Smooth”. Add settings to smooth from the center or the sides, smoothing with the same value on both X/Y (center/sides) or a different value per axis (sides).
  • Move the “Island” edge setting to its own modifier. Add a proper Cycles material to the ocean mesh, along with settings to control the calmness and color of the water.
  • Move “Straight edges” to its own modifier called “Diorama”. Rewrite the modifier from scratch, the current method sucks and requires too much manual fixing. Make the diorama box a separate mesh with good geometry and keep it parented to the terrain. Make it UV unwrapped and include a basic (sample) material. Also add a button to update the diorama box when the terrain is changed (haven’t found a way to do this automatically yet).
  • Add different falloff options for both island and smooth modifiers (still have to do some research on this!).
  • Add a basic sample Cycles material to terrains based on the principled shader. This would include mixing the vertex colors to create different masks, and snow/dirt.


Initial port of the terrain engine to Rust. Well, either a port or a new engine :). I will be writing more about this in time, moving to rust opens lots of exciting possibilities!

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